There is no such thing as "ape men."

by Steve Huedepohl
​“Some of the most audacious frauds in the history of science were perpetrated in order to provide “evidence” that monkeys (or some unknown monkey ancestor) evolved into humans. The passion some old earthers felt for their evolutionary imaginations led them to manufacture “evidence” of evolution.”
James I. Nienhuis, “Old Earth? Why Not!” 2003

All of the examples of supposed “ape men” (part monkey-part man) have been shown to be either hoaxes, real humans, or actually just apes.

Consider the following:
Piltdown man was found to be a hoax 40 years after it was discovered. (An ape jaw was filed down to fit a human skull.)

Nebraska man was actually dreamed up from the tooth of what was later found to be an extinct pig.

Java man was made up from an ape head and human legs.

Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man are now universally accepted as real humans.

Sadly, many of these are still represented as transitional forms of fossils in school textbooks and magazines!