Fossils do not prove evolution.

by Steve Huedepohl
If evolution is true, then there should be millions of examples of transitional forms in the fossil record, such as half reptile-half bird.

The simple truth is that the transitional forms DON”T EXIST in the fossil record. Even the few that evolutionists try to use such as Archaeopteryx and Eohippus, were just extinct animals, if they existed at all.

Again, if evolution is true, where are all of the billions of transitional forms that would have existed over the millions of years of evolution?

Part of the problem lies in the “standard geologic column”, which is supposed to represent the sedimentary layers and fossils found in the earth’s crust. The time scale associated with this column was just made up by a group of men starting in the early 1800's that assumed the earth is millions of years old and that the most primitive animals are the oldest, since they evolved first.

According to Dr. Henry Morris, “The fact is that it (the geologic column) exists nowhere in the real world, except on the pages of textbooks. The standard column is at least one hundred miles in thickness, whereas actual local columns average only a mile in thickness… Furthermore, there is no correlation of rock characteristics as such with the “age” of the rocks. Any rock type (sandstone, shale, and so on) can be found in any age."

"How, then, is the age of a rock determined? The remarkable fact is that the geological age of a rock is determined primarily by the fossils it contains, on the basis of the fossil sequences that had been assigned to the different ages by Cuvier, Lyell, and their followers well over a century ago. The circle of reasoning involved is subtle by once assumed generates a powerful argument for evolution.”
Dr. Henry Morris, Science and the Bible, page 69.

In other words, evolutionists often determine the age of a rock by the fossils it contains... And they determine the age of fossils by the geologic column sequence that was just made up by men who believed the earth is old as their starting point. It’s called circular reasoning and is basically nonsense.