Did God Need Evolution to Create the Universe and Life?
By Steve Huedepohl – 2016

In a word, No.  We will show that actually makes no sense.

Let’s talk straight. Put aside all of the influence of millions of years that you have been bombarded with throughout your life through grade school, college, the media, movies, etc. Pretend you are a person who has never heard of evolution.

Evolution requires millions of years of death and suffering. Genesis 1 and 2 clearly states that God created the universe and life in six 24 hour days... and when He was finished, He called His creation "very good." (Gen 1:31) But how could the creation be "very good" if God had used evolution? 

After Adam and Eve disobeyed and sin came into the world (Gen 3:6), God cursed the ground and brought thorns and thistles into the world. (Gen 3:17, 18)  Now thorny plants have been found in the fossil record. So if evolution was true, thorns were around well before the first humans. But according to the bible, thorns were punishment for man's sin, which happened after the creation as described in Gen 3:18?

So how can Christians think that God used evolution when the bible is clear that He didn't... and why do some people think God needed evolution to create the universe and life? The simple answer is because of the influence of the secular science world. But let’s look deeper…

First of all, let’s look at what evolution is, and what it is not.

Evolution is a theory that all life came from primary elements by a series of accidents over millions or billions of years – with no intelligent force driving it. It is not a scientific theory because it is not reproducible, which is required by the scientific method.

So how does evolution work? You would think there is a clear and simple answer to that question.  But that’s the elephant in the room. No one really knows how it works, and it defies the laws of science and logic, but it is commonly accepted today.

Again, let’s talk straight. Anyone with an open mind knows that you can’t get all the intelligent design we see on earth from a series of accidents. If you ask someone who believes in evolution, they will say that natural selection (survival of the fittest) is part of it. But natural selection can’t create a new species. It can only cause a species to modify or adapt… but dogs will always produce dogs, and cats will always produce cats, just like the Bible says. It cannot cause a dinosaur to become a bird or any other species to become another. It certainly cannot create a human being out of slime, even if you give it a trillion years.

Another supposed proof of evolution is mutations. But mutations are really birth defects and none can be shown to be positive except in a localized population, and those are very rare. A two-headed snake is not a benefit.

Think about it: Why does evolution need millions of years? Because anyone knows it can’t happen in a short time. But if someone says it takes millions of years, then the picture of how it works is clouded and disguised.

To be “science”, the scientific method requires a theory to be reproducible. Evolution is not reproducible, and if it was true, it would take so long that no person could observe it.

The fact is, if evolution was true, we should find millions or billions of transitional fossils… fossils that are part one species and part another. But they simply don’t exist! Now that’s real evidence – not a theory.

In addition, the second law of thermodynamics, a law of science that is observed everywhere in the universe, says that all processes are running down – wearing out, just like the Bible says. Evolution requires just the opposite. It requires processes and life to gain in information, becoming more and more advanced.

So why do atheistic evolutionists  call evolution “science?” Because they have made an emotional choice to do so, and because the only alternative is a belief in the Creator God.

Now, since the theory of evolution is based on the idea that it happens without outside intelligence, why would someone say that God used it to create the universe and life? How could God use a method that relies on chance? That would be contradictory, because He would have no control over it.

The real answer is that the influence of the mostly atheistic modern science community has caused many to think they must accept it along with millions of years in order to be relevant and accepted by modern science and even other people. We have been bombarded with the “idea” of evolution for so long that most people just assume it’s true without knowing that it makes no sense and is not even science.

When pressured, many evolutionists will defend the theory by character assassination of anyone who doesn’t accept it saying that all true scientists know it’s true, but never giving any real evidence for it!

But it really is the elephant in the room that few will acknowledge. We, the public, have been slowly boiled in the propaganda of evolution like the proverbial frog for so long, that if you ask the man on the street, he would say that everyone knows evolution is true… and yet, he doesn’t even realize that it’s impossible!

Evolution is one of the greatest hoaxes ever played on mankind. But it has been promoted for so long now by misguided “scientists” who are otherwise smart and respected people, that the average person just accepts it as fact. What they don’t realize is that most scientists are atheists, and they start with the premise that there is no Creator God. So they must choose a theory that works without God, even if it’s not scientific. (By the way, there are thousands of true scientists with PhD’s from secular universities that don’t believe in evolution.)

Richard Dawkins, probably the most outspoken atheistic evolutionist of our day, has publicly stated that he recognizes the appearance of design in the universe (which would require a creator.) But when pressed, he stated that life on earth must have come from aliens! Well, Mr. Dawkins, who created the aliens? That point illustrates how far the atheist will go in order to keep from acknowledging God.

There are many well-meaning Christians that would say God used evolution to create the universe and life. But that statement makes no sense because evolution by definition, is a process that supposedly works without any outside intelligence over millions of years.

So how could God have “used it” to create anything? If God used anything to create the universe, it wasn’t evolution… and it wasn’t some mixture of evolution and creation either for the same reason.

One more time, let’s talk straight. One of the reasons there must be a Creator God is because the only alternative is evolution, which is not scientific, logical or reasonable.

The evidence of life and the universe demands that God is amazing and far above our intelligence and capabilities. He truly is supernatural!

So why do we try to limit Him to natural laws, when He is supernatural? That’s not a cop-out because He must exist, and the evidence of creation is proof that he is far above anything we can imagine.

So why not accept what His word clearly states in Genesis… that He created the universe and all life in six, 24 hour days?  Man cannot create even a single cell from nothing, so how are we to comprehend and put limits on the Creator God?... one that must exist according to all the real evidence around us – not to mention His word, the Bible?

If you are a fellow Christian, be encouraged that we can believe the bible literally. We don’t need to manufacture a way to make it coincide with modern atheistic “science.” And remember this: true science confirms the Bible! Noah’s flood can account for the fossil record and geology we see on the earth… and that’s just the start of tons of evidence for a young earth. The evidence we see on earth and the bible is proof of our wonderful, supernatural, Creator God!

(If you want more evidence of how true science confirms the Bible, check out the rest of this website, as well as answersingensis.org and icr.org. There is tons of research from bible believing Christian scientists with PhD’s from secular universities that confirms the Bible.)