The Improbability of Aliens

by Steve Huedepohl

Since SETI and other research hasn’t discovered any radio signals from outer space since 1960, and our telescopes haven’t detected any apparent life in space, if there are aliens, it’s likely that they would have to come from another galaxy far away.

The closest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way (which is also a spiral galaxy) is the Andromeda Galaxy, which is 2.5 million light years away from Earth. (Many galaxies are billions of light years away) Traveling at 30,000 mph (which is the speed that the NASA satellite was traveling to reach Pluto, and the fastest NASA space vehicle to date) it would take 56.7 billion years to get from Andromeda to Earth. Now secular scientists think the universe is about 13.9 billion years old, and that life started on earth about 3.5 billion years ago. So obviously, aliens would have had to go a lot faster than NASA spacecraft.

Sorry Star Trek fans, but Einstein’s theory says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. In fact, as you approach the speed of light, mass becomes infinite. So no object with mass can even approach the speed of light. (Mass is the “stuff” of the universe. Everything we see has mass. Light has no mass – it’s just energy.)

However, let’s assume that aliens could travel at half the speed of light. (336 million miles per hour - which is highly unlikely) It would have taken them 5 million years to reach Earth from Andromeda. (And they would have needed a spaceship that could last 5 million years) Now, since evolution is impossible, they would have had to bring human DNA with them. It is a well-documented fact that each new generation of humans adds about 100 to 150 genetic mutations per person. (Institute for Creation Research - Acts and Facts -  February 2015) Aliens would have to have replicated human DNA thousands and thousands of times to last 5 million years. That amount of replication would likely have created genetic meltdown and cell catastrophe and therefore would not be possible. (This is also another reason to believe in a young earth because if life started 3.5 billion years ago, genetic mutation would have destroyed it by now.)

So, did aliens set out for Earth on at least a 5 million year journey and bring human DNA with them?… sounds more like foolishness to me.

Note: It’s more likely that aliens could not even travel close to half the speed of light, which would make the one way trip much longer than 5 million years. Also, to assume they could have used worm holes or other theories is not science… just speculative imagination. Worm holes were literally dreamed up by Carl Sagan for a movie script.